Classic Fine Foods produces an assortment of high quality bakery goods including cookie and muffin pucks, muffin batters, as well as ‘thaw and serve’ baked muffins, cinnamon rolls, tea biscuits, and slab cakes.

All products have been developed from scratch by a Red Seal Baker using only the finest quality ingredients – just like you would use at home! These products can help you control food costs, produce a consistent product every time and diminish waste.

Classic’s products are currently being used by hospitals, hotels, schools, nursing homes and retail outlets. The company continues to add more organizations within the food service sector to their customer list.

Classic has developed and successfully launched a complete line of “healthier eating” products using sweet potato puree and oat fiber as key ingredients. This line is marketed as ‘Sweet Secrets’ and includes cinnamon rolls, oatcakes, tea biscuits and orange date muffins.

Classic is a Peanut-Free Facility and has a rigorous program in place which includes peanut protein testing.